Welcome to Pranavee Homes & Construction

Pranavee Homes & Construction Private Limited offers construction services with practical hands-on experience, restoring various projects in South India. They assist clients based on their specific requirements.
Marshall Construction Pvt Ltd is a pioneering construction company committed to excellence in building communities and skylines. Pranavee Homes Construction Private Limited is a subsidiary of Marshall Construction that specializes in a specific niche or service.

Pranavee Homes & Construction Pvt. Ltd. is a Chennai-based construction company established on October 27, 2021. They offer accessible high-quality services and prioritize high standards of workmanship.
The Company was established by P.MURUGESAN and experience in the relevant field for 30+ years. As a company we believe in a hand on approach with quality as our main objective.

Our Mission

Our aim is to be the most reliable residential, commercial and industrial project company in Tamilnadu. Delivering superior quality, innovation in every construction endeavor.

Our Vision

Transforming skylines, inspiring innovation, and building legacies worldwide through exceptional construction and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Services We Offered

We provide all services in the field of building construction on the national level. Planning, site supervision, structural design, building physics and project monitoring

Mission Statement

Our sound reputation in the market is based on a strong work ethic that we have summarized as follows

Ensuring Consistent Growth and Timely Delivery of Quality Work to Uphold Our Reputation.
Deliver the Best Quality Workmanship and Service to All of Our Clients.
Enhancing Personnel Quality through Training, Motivation, and Mentoring
Continuing the Process of Empowering Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.
Fostering a Competent and Engaged Workforce Through Personal Development and Mutual Respect

Our Projects

Pranavee Homes & Construction Private Limited offers cost-conscious construction services in Tamilnadu for residential and commercial projects. They specialize in projects up to Rupees 6,00,00,000, including Invited Bid, Competitive Bid, and Design-Build projects. With over 5 years of experience, their team provides direct oversight of all projects from design to implementation and has close relationships with local architects to facilitate Design-Build capabilities. Here are some examples of projects we have recently completed which showcase our Design – Build as well as competitive bid efforts.

Our Engineers

The company believes in providing their people with the necessary training, certification and practical knowledge to confidently deliver services and solutions to clients. They aim to stay relevant to the ever-changing market and client requirements.

Our Works


Architects & Clients